The PhoNet system is an advanced 5th generation telephone exchange. All kinds of latest modern VoIP and classic TDM telephone devices and joints may be connected to the exchange. The system enables for building of exchanges with the capacity of 32 to 200,000 telephones. The Czech and Slovak Republics are countries of development and production of all PhoNet telephone exchanges.
IP-HW telephones, IP-SW telephones and VoIP gates
ordinary or manager, cord or wireless ISDN telephones
ordinary or manager, cord or wireless analog telephones
NET PhoNet 7000   GTW PhoNet 1000
PBX PhoNet 3000
How did the idea of the PBX, internet and public PhoNet telephone exchanges arise?
The employees of Czech company ProTel engineering s.r.o. (Ltd.) say: "We took advantage of the time-proven principles of standard telephone exchanges, cleverly combined them with the benefits of modern computer networks, added bright ideas of our group of Czech engineers, and this state-of-the-art, world-class PhoNet telecommunication system is the result.

PhoNet telephone exchanges are licenced by ProTel engineering, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) and designated for the operation in EU member countries.
PhoNet - telefonní ústředny 5. generace
5th-generation telephone exchange PhoNet
even small actors can put on a great show
even small companies contribute to development
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5th-generation telephone exchange PhoNet